What's Different about Ingenuity Systems?

Putting Business First

We'll never forget that technology is a business enabler, whether that's helping you fund, design and build a new high tech product or roll out technology to improve your businesses efficiency.

The partners have run their own businesses so know the importance of a return on investment, whether that investment is time or money. Check out our About Us page for more on us.

Breadth of Experience & Skills

The partners have decades of experience with their respective disciplines covering in depth expertise of a wide variety of information technology solutions encompassing;

  • Micro controllers and embedded software
  • Microsoft solutions
  • Apple hardware and software
  • Linux, Android, and server OS'
  • Mobile devices of various types
  • Desktop and laptop hardware
  • Servers, in house or hosted
  • Cloud, SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • IoT (internet of things)

As well as the tech needed to deliver solutions they also have the non technical skills to enable a deep understanding of the business issues around successful technology projects;

  • Research & Development funding
  • Industry accreditations
  • Quality standards (ISO)
  • Approved supplier status (e.g. Crown Commercial)
  • Licensing models
  • Extensive experience in IT security
  • Experience running their own businesses
Why should we engage Ingenuity Systems

Because the IT landscape is diverse with no one vendor driving innovation, we see Microsoft, Apple, Linux and generic cloud solutions as part of a successful businesses IT infrastructure, product or service.

We're vertically integrated with regard to solutions delivery being able to help with funding, design and development of high tech solutions not just the licensing and procurement parts.

We're also able to support these solutions post roll out thereby offering a complete solutions lifecycle service from concept to sunset.

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